The Journal of Climate Change and Health

The Journal of Climate Change and Health is a worldwide scientific peer reviewed gold open access medical journal that seeks to publish high quality scientific works related to acute and chronic climate related disasters, migration, changing patterns of disease and the impacts of Climate Change on Individuals and Health systems. The Editor-in-Chief is Steering Committee member Dr. Marcalee Alexander.

The journal seeks to publish articles related to best practices and solutions for Climate Change and Health, e.g. Telemedicine, Development of reusable supplies, Development of environmentally friendly treatments for illnesses and issues related to Sustainability in Health Care.

The journal targets all aspects of Human Health from all medical disciplines, from infancy to aging and all organ systems. Moreover, the journal emphasizes issues related to environmental justice and how it relates to Health. Find out more>

Mason 4C Director Ed Maibach and a dozen other board members of the Global Climate and Health Alliance published this article in the journal: Health Professionals, the Paris Agreement, and the Fierce Urgency of Now.