Doctors warn Trump about climate change, but he won’t listen

by: DON H. GAEDE, M.D., FRESNO | Reposted article from The Fresno Bee. Letters to the Editor. View the original article here.

President Trump is exiting the Paris climate accord AMA – against medical advice. He reminds me of a man who comes to the emergency room with crushing chest pain, is about to be wheeled to the cardiac cath lab for life-saving treatment, but then exclaims, “Hold everything, doc! I just talked to my brother-in-law, and he says it’s just indigestion. So I’m outta here!”

The Medical Society Consortium, a group of national medical societies representing 400,000 clinical practitioners, has come together this year to spread the word that “Climate change is harming Americans today, and these harms will increase unless we act.”

Our country needs to remain in the Paris climate accord for the sake of our health, and even more importantly, for the health of our children and grandchildren.