Doctors speak up on climate change

Reposted from the Billings Gazette, published October 26, 2017.

We agree with Dr. Jan Buehler that a doctor, or scientist, who ignores science is concerning.

We work with a group of hundreds of health care providers, who volunteer with the Health Team for Citizens Climate Lobby. The CCL Health Team strives to educate the public and the medical community on the health effects of climate change and to establish carbon pricing in the United States. Our favored form of carbon pricing is a Carbon Fee and Dividend, where money collected is returned equally to the citizens. People in the lower 60 percent of income actually come out ahead financially, jobs increase and the economy grows. More importantly, thousands of deaths that occur annually in the U.S. due to air pollution and the climate change it causes will be prevented. The positive effects on the economy and health have been shown in areas of the world that have enacted similar legislation.

The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health represents over 60 percent of the physicians in the U.S. The consortium accepts human-caused climate change and its significant effects on human health, and the urgent need to act on the issue.

Physicians and other healthcare professionals in CCL and the consortium join thousands of businesses, mayors, cities, and states committed to improving health, economy, and viability for future generations by addressing climate change now. Call on your mayor, county commissioners, state legislators and Congressional delegation — Sen. Steve Daines, Rep. Greg Gianforte, and Sen. Jon Tester, to do the same!