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Our mission is to inform the public and policymakers about the harmful health effects of climate change on Americans, as well as about the immediate and long-term health benefits associated with decreasing greenhouse gas emissions (i.e., heat-trapping pollution) and other preventive and protective measures. 

We need your help to advance this mission.

We are seeking health professionals in every community in America who are willing to become an advocate for climate and health in their community, and possibly in their state capital.

There is no one more qualified and more trusted than you to explain to members of your community – including your mayor, city/county council members, journalists, local business leaders, and concerned citizens – the health harms associated with climate change, and the health benefits associated with accelerating the transition to clean renewable energy (and other preventive and protective measures).

The Consortium will support you as an Advocate for Climate & Health by providing you with the materials you will need to educate members of your community, materials that are drawn exclusively from credible medical and scientific sources. The Consortium will also alert you – via email or our monthly newsletter – of breaking news events that will create opportunities to educate members of your community about climate and health. And finally, the Consortium will alert interested journalists that you are potentially willing to speak with them about climate and health risks and opportunities in your community.

We understand that you are a busy professional, and we are not asking you to do anything that you don’t wish to do. Rather, we want to enable you to become an effective medical advocate for climate and health in your community. If you are willing to give a few hours of your time each month, you will be providing an important service to your community, your state, our nation, and the world. If at any point you wish to stop serving as an Advocate for Climate & Health, we will thank you for your service, and part friends.

We encourage you to sign-up to become an Advocate for Climate & Health by clicking here.

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