We need our leaders to recognize that the climate crisis is a health crisis and to take strong action to achieve equitable and healthy climate solutions. Use these questions to ask your candidates what they will do to protect and promote health in the era of climate change. >>Download

How to take action and use these questions:

  • Candidates participate in many events and forums, which are either sponsored by community-based and political organizations or hosted by their own campaign. Sign up to participate—see if you can send in questions in advance or sign up to ask a question. To find events, you can sign-up for candidates’ mailing lists, reach out directly, or use an online resource. If you’re with a 501(c)(3), make sure you first understand the legal limitations of your organization. Bolder Advocacy has a good resource to start with.
  • Consider emailing these questions to all candidates from each party running for office (to remain nonpartisan). Ask them to read it or ask if they’d like to discuss it on a call.
  • Consider choosing 1-2 questions, re-formatting them as a brief op-ed, and submitting it to a local media outlet. Share the questions with local organizations and ask if they can disseminate.
  • Consider hosting your own virtual, nonpartisan candidate forum to learn about the views of many candidates. If a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, ensure that you understand the legal guidelines and guidance—here’s a good resource to start with.
  • Share these questions with your colleagues and on social media.


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