Suggested outline for letter:

Dear Representative [Name],

Please join the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus.

  • [Briefly introduce yourself and why you are concerned about climate change.]
  • As a health professional, I am asking you to join the Climate Solutions Caucus because climate change is already harming the health of countless Americans, and it is certain to get worse unless America takes action
  • Congress can be part of the solution to the great challenge of climate change, but Congress can only be part of the solution if it works on a bi-partisan basis, and that’s why the Climate Solutions Congress was formed.
  • Many climate solutions — especially producing more clean energy — will give us cleaner air, cleaner water, and better health almost immediately, and will protect our health from climate change over the long run.
  • [If your representative is a Democrat, ask that they invite a Republican colleague to join with them; If your representative is a Republican, ask that they invite a Democrat colleague to join with them.]
  • [Politely ask for a response.]

To find your representative, click here.