Delivering Clean Air: Health Benefits of Zero-Emission Trucks and Electricity

Heavy-duty trucks deliver major doses of pollution to communities throughout the United States along with their cargo. The transition to zero-emission trucks is a significant opportunity to reduce health impacts and disparities in pollution-burdened communities home to major truck traffic areas. This analysis finds that the transition to zeroemission trucking in the United States will significantly reduce harm to people living in counties with the nation’s busiest trucking routes.

This new report builds on the American Lung Association “Zeroing in on Healthy Air” report published in March 2022 by focusing on the health benefits generated by the transition to zero-emission trucks and power generation in counties home to major trucking routes. The March analysis found that a widespread transition to zero-emission cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles, coupled with a transition to non-combustion, renewable electricity, would yield tremendous air quality, public health and climate benefits across the United States.


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