Pediatric Preparedness Resources

Pediatric Preparedness Resources

Children are most vulnerable to adverse health effects from environmental hazards.

Climate change poses threats to human health, safety and security, and children are a particularly high risk.  The member organization, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), provides resources and information about adverse health effects of climate change on children.

The AAP has also developed The Pediatric Preparedness Resource Kit. This resource allows for pediatricians, public health leaders and other pediatric care providers to assess what is already happening in their community or state, and help determine what needs to be done before an emergency or disaster. The kit will promote collaborative discussions and decision-making about pediatric preparedness planning.

Physicians who care for children are encouraged to use the resource materials found in the kit to develop strategic partnerships, increase partner engagement, identify strengths and challenges for pediatric preparedness planning, and establish communication networks to ensure that the needs of children are addressed during a pandemic or other emergency.