October 4 Webinar – Climate Change Impact on Child Health

Climate Change Impact on Child Health

Wednesday, October 4, 2023 | Virtual | 8:00-9:00 AM ET

A dialogue with pediatricians at Florida Climate Week about risks now and in the future.  They will focus on real patient examples, provide steps families can take now, and explore strengthening education for health professionals. Sponsored by Florida Clinicians for Climate Action (FCCA). Learn more about FCCA at https://floridaclinicians.org/


  • Judy Schaechter, Florida Clinicians for Climate Action, Member/Volunteer
  • Lisa Gwynn, University of Miami, Associate Professor of Pediatrics & Public Health Sciences, at the University of Miami, Director of the Pediatric Mobile Clinic
  • Dr. Michelle A. Kirwan, MD, FAAP, Center for Family and Child Enrichment Inc., Pediatrician, Chief Medical Officer of the Center for Family & Child Enrichment, Miami Gardens, member of Florida Clinicians for Climate Action
  • Dr. Lisa Patel, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford, author of recent Lancet article on Model for Climate Change Education in Health Professions. Executive Director of Medical Society Consortium on Climate Change.