Oct 10, 2019 – Webinar: How to Have Difficult Conversations about the Climate Crisis

Live Webinar: 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM PT
Cost: $25 donation

Talking about the climate crisis with family, friends, and colleagues can be so difficult that we choose not to do it at all, even when we feel passionately about it. How can we overcome our reluctance to have these important conversations? And how can we talk about this issue in a way that tears down walls and allows for real, meaningful connections?

Karin Kirk and Susanne Moser, experts in climate change communication, will help us understand the best ways to approach this overwhelming topic with the people in our lives.

During the webinar we’ll explore questions like:

  • How can we talk about the climate crisis in a way that inspires action?
  • What role does compassion and understanding play in discussing such a daunting and frightening topic?
  • How do we express the urgency and magnitude of the situation in a way that draws people into the conversation—rather than drives them away?

You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of the strategies that work, inspiration to connect with people in your community—even those who disagree with you, and real-world examples of how to make these meaningful conversations have a real impact on the people in your life.

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