July 27 Webinar – Gear Up for Civic Health Month — Why, How, and Act Now

Gear Up for Civic Health Month — Why, How, and Act Now

Thursday, July 27, 2023 | Virtual | 3:30 PM ET // 12:30 PM PT

We now recognize that social and environmental determinants of health are responsible for the majority of our patients’ health outcomes. As the trusted health community, we can unleash the power of civic engagement to improve the health of our patients, community, and planet. Over 300 hospitals, healthcare organizations, and civic engagement organizations celebrate Civic Health Month in August. With speakers Gnora Gumanow of the Healthy Democracy Healthy People Initiative as well as Cynthia Romo and Dr. Ilan Shapiro of the AltaMed community health network, you’ll learn why voting access and civic engagement are so important to our patients’ health and see how a large Southern California clinic network serving 400,000 patients integrates civic engagement year-round. Then consider asking your institution or organization to become a Civic Health Month Partner as well.