July 11 Webinar – California Healthy Places Index: Heat Edition – Demo Webinar

California Healthy Places Index: Heat Edition – Demo Webinar

Monday, July 11, 2022 | Virtual | 1:00 PM PDT

The California Healthy Places Index (HPI): Heat Edition helps the state ramp up its efforts to prepare for rising temperatures — visualizing where and who will be most affected in the coming decades. It was developed through a joint partnership between the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation and Public Health Alliance of Southern California.

During our demo event, we’ll walk through the unique capabilities of the tool and showcase how it can provide practical information for a variety of users, like state agencies, nonprofit organizations and households.

The tool allows users to explore several questions:

  • How hot will it get? As the climate changes, how many days are temperatures expected to soar above 90°F in your community? What about 100°F?
  • Who is vulnerable? Certain groups — such as children, older adults, and people with a disability — can be particularly sensitive to extreme heat. The tool shows where these at-risk populations may be most susceptible to heat risks based on where they live.
  • How resilient is my community? Community conditions like shady trees, parks, and clean air factor into the well-being of a neighborhood. Detailed data allows you to assess your community’s resilience to climate change.
  • What types of resources are available? Many funding programs exist to prepare for rising temperatures. The tool illustrates state level resources, like programs that provide air conditioners to low-income households and fund local urban greening.

Importantly, the HPI: Heat Edition shows how these themes intersect, illustrating where heat exposure, at-risk populations, and community conditions overlap to increase vulnerability.