Call for Climate Solution Stories

We say climate solutions are health solutions. Share your stories that make the point!

The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health in the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University is seeking uniquely positive stories about addressing climate change. Our forthcoming Medical Promise Report on advancing climate solutions asserts that transforming our energy, transportation and agricultural systems and revamping our approach to community and building design offer us a path to protecting the health of all future generations from the worst of climate change. But we also have the unique opportunity to highlight how, when done right and fairly, climate solutions – far from being painful “treatments” that pit sacrificing current comforts against long-term threats – will result in immediate improvements in our health, well-being, and economies.

We invite you to share your local or regional story. Tell us how your community is taking climate action across one of the five areas that will be highlighted in our upcoming Medical Promise Report: clean renewable energy, clean and active transportation, healthy buildings and homes, healthy outdoors, and healthy food and food systems. We are looking to promote stories online that are living and breathing examples of these actions in the real world and their positive impact on communities.