The Replacement Power Plan

Key Points and Resources

Resources to Help You:

Health professionals across the country need to take advantage of every opportunity for their voices to heard about how the proposed EPA roll-back of the Clean Power Plan would harm the health of people in their communities.  They can:  write op-eds for local newspapers that looks through the eyes of a local clinician at what the impact of the proposed rule would mean.  Key points might include:

    • increased suffering and premature deaths, lost work days, hospital admissions, asthma ER visits from air pollution, especially among of those most vulnerable in the community
    • how the health harms of climate change that are already happening locally would worsen under the new plan
    • how, in contrast, the Clean Power Plan fights climate change while delivering immediate health benefits
    • that the current EPA leadership has proposed that new policy decisions disallow consideration of long-standing health research that is critical to understanding how those policies would harm health

You can:

  • write letters to the editor to those local newspapers who have written editorials or published relevant op-eds
  • work with local health and community allies to create a “community forum on climate and health” at a local hospital and invite the public and local officials (mayors, congressional representatives, local utility leaders, etc) to attend
  • create a local petition drive among community health leaders to sign-on to the statement issued by the Consortium
  • ask to present and lead a discussion for local civic groups (e.g., Rotary), at local faith organizations, high schools and colleges.
  • use email social media to promote events and share content (e.g., news coverage of the Consortium and other health voices) on the issue

Visuals or facts about your state may be found below:

  • The full archive of story packages can be found here:

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