Statement: American Heart Association Joins the Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health

Washington, D.C., June 7, 2019­ – The American Heart Association announced it has joined 54 other health organizations and medical societies in the Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health (the Consortium).

The Consortium, which comprises more than half the country’s physicians (approximately 600,000), is focused on educating doctors and their patients about the ways that climate change is harming health—and the potential to improve the health of people and the climate through a transition to clean, renewable energy.

The following is a statement from Ivor Benjamin, M.D., FAHA, president of the American Heart Association:

“We are honored to join the Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health to help tackle one of the greatest threats to public health in the world. Some risks we are aware of, while others that are just beginning to surface. What we know is this: Air quality is harming the health of people across the United States and around the world by increasing the risk of heart disease and furthering health disparities. In addition, studies have shown climate change may increase congenital heart defects, and we must be prepared to deal with a rise in complex conditions like this.

“The Consortium is a powerful union of many organizations with a shared mission of protecting the health and wellbeing of all people. There is no denying that poor air quality has already started to take a toll globally, and now is the time for action and education to improve health outcomes where we can.”


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