Climate Change and Health: A Position Paper of the American College of Physicians [POSITION PAPER]

Climate change could have a devastating effect on human and
environmental health. Potential effects of climate change on human
health include higher rates of respiratory and heat-related
illness, increased prevalence of vector-borne and waterborne
diseases, food and water insecurity, and malnutrition. Persons
who are elderly, sick, or poor are especially vulnerable to these
potential consequences. Addressing climate change could have
substantial benefits to human health. In this position paper, the
American College of Physicians (ACP) recommends that physicians
and the broader health care community throughout the
world engage in environmentally sustainable practices that reduce
carbon emissions; support efforts to mitigate and adapt to
the effects of climate change; and educate the public, their colleagues,
their community, and lawmakers about the health risks
posed by climate change. Tackling climate change is an opportunity
to dramatically improve human health and avert dire environmental
outcomes, and ACP believes that physicians can play
a role in achieving this goal.

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