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Federal Funding for Patients and Communities: Resources for Community Health Centers

This guide provides two patient-facing resources, designed to help individuals get started and learn more about their eligibility. It also provides sample social media posts, ideas for community engagement, and guidance for talking with patients.




Health Professional and Community Collaboration Guide

In addition to outlining the benefits of working together, this guide provides strategies for finding, building, and maintaining effective partnerships. While the primary focus is community-based organizations and health professionals, these strategies can also be applied more broadly to other multidisciplinary collaborations.




Health Benefits of Climate Action Posters

Download these posters to display on your waiting room or office wall. (Poster Size: 11×8.5″)
Infographics are also available to share on social media.
(Printing Posters: Print on your home or office printer, selecting Fit to Page when printing on a standard letter size sheet.)

Posters from the Public Health Institute about the Health Impacts of Climate Change are also available here.

Healthy Food Systems

Poster | Infographic

Healthy & Clean Transportation

Poster | Infographic

Green Buildings & Living Spaces

Poster | Infographic


Clean Energy for Clean Air & Water

Poster | Infographic

Stable Climate for a Safer Planet

Poster | Infographic


Asthma and Heat Resources

 Asthma - Patient Education  Asthma and Climate Change  Ragweed Allergies, Air Pollution, and Asthma
Asthma – Patient Education  Asthma and Climate Change: (English) or  (Spanish) Ragweed Allergies,
Air Pollution, and Asthma


Extreme Heat
(Printing instructions)
POSTER: How Can Extreme Heat Impact Health? Climate Health Impacts – HEATWAVE


Impact of Heat Stress on Outdoor Workers

VIDEO: How to Prevent Heat-Related Illness

VIDEO: Extreme Heat and Health


Helping Clients with Asthma Prepare for Wildfire Smoke Events: Tips for Asthma Educators
Visit RAMP website for more Wildfire Smoke and Asthma resources.

Keep It Cool, Kids! Brochure
from VCCA. Download a free self-printable brochure (English or Spanish) or request free physical copies of brochures or posters.

How to Survive a Heatwave from Climate Psychiatry Alliance. Download a free printable pdf! Available in English, Spanish and Chinese.



Toolkits from Climate Psychiatry Alliance on caring for vulnerable patients:

Toolkit for Patients:
Coping with Extreme Heat
Infographic: Heatwaves – Factsheets
Toolkit for Health Care Providers:
Extreme Heat & Mental Illness
Infographic: Caring for the Vulnerable
Toolkit for Caregivers & Families:
Coping with Extreme Heat


Waiting Room Brochures from My Green Doctor

These waiting room brochures are for your patients and their families to help them also to save money and to be healthier. The brochures were created by health professionals for My Green Doctor. They offer ideas that are easy for your patients to understand and use. Some of the brochures help your patients to understand and to prepare for the health risks of climate change.

Most of these brochures are two-side, trifold brochures, either a PDF file or as a Microsoft Publisher. You can download these and print them in your office, or you can take them to a local printer. Please add your own logo and content if you wish. For more information, please visit


Posters from the Public Health Institute

A series of posters to help the public — including patients, families and communities–understand the health impacts of climate change and what they can do to protect themselves and the planet. (Poster Size: 18×24″)


acpAmerican College of Physicians Fact Sheet

There is clear proof that the world’s climate is changing. These changes will affect the usual, expected weather patterns. They are caused by human activities, like operating factories, driving vehicles, and pollution. Climate change could have a serious effect on the health of the public. For additional information, click on the image at right or on this link to the American College of Physicians’ fact sheet.

childAmerican Academy of Pediatrics Fact Sheet

Climate change not only affects the lives of children now, it has everything to do with their future. For information about kids’ health, click How Climate Change Affects Children: AAP Policy Explained, and visit the American Academy of Pediatrics’ website,

myenvThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides immediate access to a cross-section of environmental data for any geographical location in the U.S. Access useful information about your air, water, energy choices, and ways to lessen the impacts of climate change at MyEnvironment.

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Living a Mindful Greener Life

Informative mindful climate action teaching videos by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Video: Introduction to Climate Change

Video: Air Quality

Video: Active Transportation 

Video: Food Sustainability

Video: Water Sustainability 

Video: The Ethics of Climate Change