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Building For Climate Justice: Safe & Healthful Transportation and Housing
September 9, 2022 | Dr. Maria Cecilia Pinto deMoura & Rahwa Ghirmatzion

In this webinar, entitled Building For Climate Justice: Safe and Healthful Transportation and Housing, Dr. Maria Cecilia Pinto deMoura, who is senior vehicles engineer in the Clean Transportation program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, will address the climate and health effects of transportation with a focus on how technologies aimed at decarbonizing transportation can be accessible to and benefit low-wealth communities and communities of color. Our second speaker, Ms. Rahwa Ghirmatzion, Executive Director of People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH Buffalo), will further this discussion by addressing health and safety risks resulting from substandard housing and what PUSH Buffalo is doing to address these issues, and climate justice more broadly, in low-wealth communities.


Transformation of Transportation: Can it be Green and Just?
September 10, 2021 | Dr. Sacoby Wilson & Dr. Maria Cecilia Pinto de Moura

Almost 30 percent of the nation’s carbon pollution comes from transportation. It is the largest contributor of greenhouse gas of any industrial sector. Successfully stemming climate change will require a radical transformation of the transportation system including the conversion to electric buses, cars, trucks, the electrification of ports and new technology in air travel. These changes will have an immediate effect in reducing asthma and other respiratory diseases in improving health, but they have the potential for leaving the most impacted communities behind. Our first presenter is Dr. Sacoby Wilson, an associate professor and Director, Center for Community Engagement, Environmental Justice, and Health (CEEJH) Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health School of Public Health University of Maryland-College Park. Our second presenter is ​Dr. Maria Cecilia Pinto de Moura, a senior vehicles engineer in the Clean Transportation program at the Union of Concerned Scientists.