Toolkits & Resources for Racial Equity

For Organizations     For Individuals

For Organizations:

Dismantling Racism, A Workbook for Social Change Groups

Indigenous justice for environmental movements: A tool for aligning environmental work with Indigenous organizing

17 Things Organizations Should Be Doing to Combat Racism
The Lancet | July 18, 2020

Tips for Creating Effective White Caucus Groups
Developed by Craig Elliott PhD

The Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture

Library of racial equity tools

For Individuals:

Climate and Health Equity Flyer
Information Flyer: HEATWAVE – Climate and Health Equity

Download this flyer to display in your waiting room or office, provide copies for your patients.

97 Things White People Can do For Racial Justice
Activities you can do to create a more just world.

Save the Tears: White Woman’s Guide
Books, actions, questions to ask yourself, and more.

Make Your Own Anti-Racism Work Plan

Characteristics of Anti-Racist White Allies
Adapted from 10 attitudes and behaviors which help us become Strong Anti-Racist Allies.

State and Local Efforts to Declare Racism a Public Health Crisis
The Network for Public Health Law

Changing How Race is Portrayed in Medical Education
Recommendations from Medical Students.

Institute for Healing and Justice in Medicine
Working towards the abolition of biological race in medicine and public health.

Library of racial equity tools