YES or Likely YES:

  • HCWH
  • APHA
  • PSR
  • CCL health action team – yes; unclear if entire CCL will support, but they will try.
  • MAHA yes
  • VT Climate and Health Alliance
  • American Lung Association
  • American Heart Association


  • ACP Indiana chapter – they are not currently involved, but where he will start; also Purdue – because ACP nationally is involved, ACP in Indiana will likely participate.
  • Ohio Clinicians for Climate Action.

NEEDS – How can Consortium Help?

  • Educational slides that will help make it simple to share the message.
  • Coordinate create of a target list and outreach efforts.
  • FAQs with simple answers for people who are skeptical with regionally or state appropriate information.
  • Regionally or state appropriate information regarding health impacts.
  • A short video about the Call to Action.
  • Coordinate create of a target list and outreach efforts.
  • Create a visual or diagram of the Call to Action that can convey components quickly and easily.
  • Stories would be helpful (success stories) that can inspire others.
  • Also stories of people who are impacted:
    • Clinicians
    • Low income individuals
    • Youth
  • Online form for clinicians “health impact form” where clinicians could put their stories.
  • Dedicated website for the Call to Action.

Other comments:

  • CCL is hungry to get the healthcare message; the materials would be helpful.
  • Physicians need “cover” from their medical societies.

How would you use the Call to Action?

  • Idea from HCWH: Targeted social media comms strategy with messaging that’s relevant to core audiences, but coordinated to help elevate the message.
  • Feature Call to Action in Grand Rounds conducted to focus on what we can do about climate change (OCCA).



Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Is the language inclusive? It needs to be reviewed broadly.
    • Don’t rush the stakeholder process such that important input on equity and inclusion cannot be included.
    • APHA has sent it to their Tribal Think Tank for feedback.
  • Hold an EJ stakeholder meeting to convene and revise with input?
  • Business Involvement?
  • Faith Community Involvement?
  • CCL can help with sharing the Call to Action for Business and Conservative Caucus
  • Call to Action is long – do we need to shorten or parse it out depending on the audience? Could we create a bullet points version?


  • When this comes down to a battle over legislation – need to boil it down to top priorities.


  • Train the trainer sessions?


  • FOR ORGANIZERS: Is the goal to get national, as well as state or regional organizations signed on? We think the more the merrier.
  • Will there (can there be) be a central repository for resources and stories that are being compiled by many organizations?

Potential Partners Discussed:

  • American Hospital Association
  • State Hospital Associations
    • OHA
    • Children’s Hospital Association of Ohio